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This memorial website was created in the Memory of our Nickel, Quarter, Silver Dollar, Nicole Spence who we extremely MISS and LOVE. Nicole  was born in Watsonville Ca on April 17, 1985 and passed away on March 22, 2005 at the age of 19. We will remember her Forever & Ever & Eva eva.Nicole left behind her dad Greg and mom Sharon.She also has 9 brothers & sisters Robert, Oshauna, Ericka, Tommy, Jeremiah, Amber, Jason, Gregory & Kalvin. Her pride and joy were her 9 nephew & nieces Ariana, Cera, Brandy, Jeremiah Jr., Cebrina, Jason Jr., Shamus, Adam, Benjamin & she would have been so happy about the 3 new additions that will soon arrive.Her grandfather Robert "Pampa" Buckman joined her on 8/10/05  leaving behind his wife & Nic's grandma Maggie.Soon after Nicole's Great grandma Beatrice "Nana" Gonzalez passed away on the 8/15/05 Maggie's mom who would have turned 100 on 12/11/05. 


UPDATE 3/29/06 Nicole's new neices & nephew arrive

"Cin Mateo Chavez" born on 12/21/05 to Robert & Tina. Nicole would have been so happy that her Sissy Robert finally got his boy. Cin spelled backwards is Nic which we used to call Nicole if they would of had another girl they would of named her Sissy. That is the name Nicole and her Oldest Brother would call eachother it was quite funny Rob would come to the house and see her "Hi Sissy Nicole" and she would reply "Hey Sissy Robert".

"Jalissa Lee Spence" born on 1/11/06 to Gregory & Karina. Nicole would of been shocked to learn that one of her youngest brothers was a father but at the same time would of spoiled the heck out this little cutie.

"Izabella Nicole Alamilla" born on 3/7/06 to Ericka & Victor. She would of got a kick out this a sister who said she didn't want any kids but deep down inside we knew she would someday. This sweet little angel is feeling the void of the pain and hurt from losing Nicole. She will always miss Nicole but at least it will bring a smile to her face when she hears that name for her daughter's middle name is Nicole after her baby sister. 

Story written by Ericka "sister"

To whom it may concern; but really for Nicole

Lately mornings are rougher than before. Starting one more day without your voice seems almost too much to bear.

The other day I walked by your door and swore you were sleeping still at six in the evening. A little clump of blankets was your trademark. I can't believe that your not telling me off from waking you from your much adored slumber. Get out of my room & Amber always dirty's it by herself. "What"!! Do you want? Yes Mom, Yes Dad. And I swear I didn't take it is what I really want to hear. Sweet music to our ears we can't wait to hear that horseshit again.Your sissy Robert is acting like he's strong but look closer. He can barely get the words out before a lump of sorrow chokes up his heart felt intentions. He never yelled or bitched that you were road dogs with his girls. You hooked up the late night meals like ol'faithful, and he can't stop thinking about your smile.Chana's still waiting for you to show up no matter what anyone says. Your aura will never fade in her eyes. Your friendship was unique to put it mildly.The moment I got the call replays a thousand times in my head but I still don't understand that it was you they were talking about. I would give my baby toe to have one minute, one second to look in your eyes.Tommy's pretending it's not true to survive the longest dreaded months left to his long ass sentence. You two complimented one another, like chicken is to burnt b-que all those marathon dinner nights Greg & Mom dragged out. Singing, smoking, dancing but most of all laughing.Jeremiah cant stop the faucets by his eyes. He wants you to know he loves you and misses his sister so much it's tearing him apart. He knew you were the nicest easy going spirit who wanted all of her family to be o.k.Amber hears your little yelp from the acident by U-Save in her mind daily. She did your hair with so much care it was magical to see. She loves you so much & her son misses your hugs and kisses. Every time Benny smiles, she says he's talking to you. what a lucky boy.Jason can't hide the hurt in his eyes. His forhead crumples like old newspaper when thoughts of you breeze throgh his mind. Thoughts aren't enough when he can't see your big blue eyes in person. His grief even made him give a speech in front of a room full of people.Goolie tried to see you since you went to Castroville, he made it into the room but couldn't see you like that. The day he helped carry you to your new digs was the most confusing day. He must of visited your pad at least 5 times that day.Kalvin asked for you to visit him & he says you really do. Our Cavarone is growing up but will always be your little brother. Your shrine took over his closet I feel the most for him when it comes to us kids. You two were never apart. Fought like cats & dogs but loved when it truely mattered.Greg is the saddest one besides mom that there could ever be. Your his spitting image & beautiful little girl, his sunshine has been covered with anger and despair. While mom collapses into sleep, he cries quietly in the bathroom. I seen it & it broke my heart a thousand times. He was strong, you would of been so proud proud. He sat through the worst imaginable pain anyone could survive. Your dad is one special kind of guy. Still worrying about mom before he'll eat or sleep I  can't capture the magnitude of despair our poor mom is in with words written on paper. Her blank Stare, begging for her baby. The sounds of her crys will bring me to tears as I think of her living one more second without you. She loves you more than life itself. The fight has left her voice, it's the scariest feeling in the world. Nothing will take this away but you back in our lives.We met you every night rain or shine, you brought all of us together through the devastation of it all. Carol has been our rock, doing the best job for the toughest task anyone could do. Erika sleeps with Kalvin, he even humped her leg. We stopped the highway for you and never would leave you without us. Mingo made his crunk face Okkk.Your blonde hair crisp blue eyes, Everlast hawaiin tan confirmed that Greg & Mom made an angel. No other explaination can be given to us. Your ways shined through your willingness to take care of anybody at anytime. Easygoing is the perfect adjective to use.Our lives have this ache that burns deep within. Why must we breathe without you? How can we accept your not coming back? Where do we find the strength to get up and your not here? When can we see you again? You will always be our Nickel, Quarter, Silver Dollars. Life will never be right without you with us. We definitely will all be together again. Never goodbye. Remember this well, only see you later aligator & after awhile crocodile. We love you so much it could paint the world every color that represents you. The rainbow was true, you were almost to beautiful to be real. Thank you for dealing with us and loving us.P.S I'd really appreciate it if you jumped out & screamed "YOU GOT PUNKED" anytime now ??!! Love Your Sister Ericka 

Nicole's Eulogy


Nicole's Eulogy


I tried three times to come up with the words to convey what our sister Nicole meant to us. I usually never have a problem expressing my thoughts but words cant capture the beauty that Nicole possessed I would  like to tell everyone the story of our Nickel, Quarter, Silver Dollar. She came to us as a beautiful surprise. Her big blue eyes and her infectous smile capture all of our hearts. We were blessed with this beautiful smart-ass angel. For those who trully knew Nicole and her family knew that we were lucky to have her the time that we did. She meant so many different things to us all. We all had a special individual relationships with her. We all have our memories of her love. She was a free spirit, almost a hippie. She didn't care that she didn't have alot, she was happy with what little she did have, she made it work. We wanted everyone to know that she really loved them. And she was our sunshine. God needed her for something, we dont understand why, but in time we will learn to remember the good times to keep her alive in our hearts and our memories

We all love you Nicole and you'll never be alone it will always be the 10 of us. See you later aligator.

Written by Ericka


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Tributes and Condolences
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLE   / Chontell Anderson (Aunt)
We love & miss you so very much!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL
memorial  / Maryanne Nisivoccia
i am sorry to hear about the lost of your beautiful daughter nicole she will be soarly missed by everyone.
I miss you so much Nicole Ill ALWAYS love you!   / Sonia Herrera (Best Friend Forever )
Hey girl, I still cant believe your gone. How many times i wish that i could of spent more time with you. I remember everything we used to do together and it makes me smile everytime. we had alot of greats memories together. Im never going to forget ...  Continue >>
Missing you   / Carol Gomez (Taco Bell Buddie )
Nicole, It's still so hard to think about you being gone, I think about you all the time and all the little signs you sent our way to let us know you where ok, thanks for that.I wish you where here to meet my baby son Ryan, can you believe it!! ...  Continue >>
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Her legacy
6 months  

It's been 6 months since you left our life unexpectedly,we
never imagined this tragic event would occur for us to see.
Every day you and I spoke or saw eachother,now every day my heart aches for you with pain like no other.
My weekends were spent with you,us being silly little kids again,now I dread the weekends no one to tell my all or pain.
                                    Missing you bad NIC!
                                         love always your,
                                      Shaunie Naunie  

Wating For Your Call  

The day that those aching words were said.
That my sister Nicole was to be among the dead.
Made my heart stop as breaths were wrongfully stollen.
So many tears my eyes seemed shut and swollen.
Not seeing you at moms how is that to be.
Yet all these things you own I still can see.
I catch myself wanting to call out your name.
I second glance at others their similarities are the same.
Your voice I try hard to recall even just a sound.
I search through my videos hoping it's there to be found.
I find myself waiting for your call late at night.
The usual conversation "I'll be over before daylight."
My phone rings but your not on the other end.
I feel at those times my heart is unable to mend.
Someone please stop all this hurt and pain.
Dealing with this reality makes me feel insane.
Getting out of bed each day seems like such a hard tsak.
A selfish person holds all the answers yet he's not here to ask.
I pray it gets easier each day to cope.
I do alot of wishing with a ray of hope.
You will never be forgotten you will be missed by all.
Seems as though I'll forever be waiting for your call.

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